Best Books for 11 Year Olds

5 Top Books for 11 Year Olds

Cultivating consciousness of the younger ones is one of the most important things that most parents are always prioritizing. As a loving parent, you would love to see your kids grow up being intelligent. To start enriching their minds, there are a lot of books for 11 year olds that will surely provide all the necessary basic concepts of learning.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Box of Books

Among all good books for 11 year olds that could be found in bookstores nationwide, this is one of the bestselling items due to its relatable character named Greg Heffley. In fact, this series is actually in motion pictures now.

Kids will surely love this book not only because of Greg’s life story but also with the relatable situation that he is encountering everyday as a middle school student. Like a normal kid, he needs to deal with his relationships with people around—annoying family members, classmates and many more.

The book was authored by Jeff Kinney. He was an online game developer before he became a renowned New York Times bestselling author.

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Kingdom Keepers VI: Dark Passage

Best books for 11 year olds will not be complete without the insertion of Disney characters especially villains like Maleficent and many others. This book will bring the imagination of the little ones into an endless adventure from Panama, caves of Aruba, Costa Rica, Mexico and other wonderful places.

This book of adventure led by the keepers of five kingdoms will make the kids up all night turning every page. The book was written by an award winning author in the name of Ridley Pearson. He is a co-author of several books for children that are available for orders online.

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Septimus Heap, Book Seven: Fyre

When one is looking for adventures in the magic world, this book will never disappoint the readers. Usually, books for 11 year old girls are characterized with magic and adventure; this book fits well into the category. It tells the story of three characters who just turned 14.

As they turned into right age, they will assume responsibilities in order to lead and protect the Magikal world against remnants of darkness. This book is in series so kids will be treated to one of a kind plot. The book was written by two authors—Angie Sage and Mark Zug who were both fantasy story tellers.

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House of Secrets

This is a must have book because it is the product of collaboration between Harry Potter’s director Chris Columbos and award winning author named Ned Vizzini. This is one of the best books for 11 year old boys that parents should buy because it teaches how to survive during extreme situations and conditions.

The story revolves around the Walkers siblings who were banished into the primeval forest due to their neighbor’s evil plan. As they face challenges against the supernatural pirates, medieval warriors and an evil queen, they have discovered a secret that will lead them into saving the world. This book is full of nerve-wracking plots and sub-stories.

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Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made

Kids have huge endearment to humorous stories so Stephan Pastis has brilliantly authored this book in order to cater the needs of young ones who wanted to have fun in terms of reading experience. The most popular kids books collection will never be completed without this item in the bookshelf.

What’s fun about this book are the wonderful characters like Timmy Failure. Timmy is a CEO of a detective firm which is considered as best in town. His partner in crime is called Total and if they will have business together, they will call their company Total Failure. Timmy’s goal of putting up Total Failure is to make his own mother not to worry with all the surging bills in their household anymore.

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Books for 11 year olds are capable of transforming the consciousness of these kids. Reading is one of the basic foundations of learning so it is important to train them while they’re still young. In the end, they will also benefit because they already have endearment into books which will be required heavily during high school and college.

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