Best Books for 2 Year Olds

Here Is the List of 7 Recommended Books for 2 Year Olds

Reading books for 2 year olds is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. The joy of sharing stories for kids helps spark their imagination and opens their eyes to new worlds and experiences. When you take the time telling kids stories by reading childrens books, you connect more with your child during this wonderful time in their lives.

What follows are short reviews of the seven best books for two year olds. These classics have been read by millions of parents over the years and remain the most popular books around the world.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

by Bill Martin, Jr. and Eric Carle was originally published in 1967.  This classic has stood the test of time and has earned its place as a best book for 2 year olds. This fun, bright and colorful story has the trademark tissue-paper illustrations of Eric Carle.

These have recently been updated to add bolder hues and dynamic movement that will be sure to captivate young ones. Children will love to guess at which word comes next as the rhyme is simple.  Unexpected animals and colors keep them engaged. It is sure to remain in the family for generations, if it hasn’t already.

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Where’s Spot?

Written by Eric Hill earned its place in children’s literature by being the first lift-the-flap book ever published. This fun little book is adorable and kids love it. They feel as though they are right there with Sally looking for Spot, not knowing what they will find next.

That curious, lovable and playful pup has stolen hearts for over thirty years and is still going strong. There are many books for children, this just happens to be one of the most memorable. Also, this is the first book in a series. Children can follow Spot and his friends through even more adventures with each subsequent story.

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The Going-To-Bed Book

is another Sandra Boynton winner. One of the silliest bedtime stories for kids, this is sure to be an instant hit. It is a standout among other books for two year olds and older toddlers. Going to bed will seem like fun when you grab this zany book off the bookshelf.

Brushing teeth, bathing, putting on pajamas and  other get-ready-for-bed activities won’t feel so much like chores when you can do them with a rhino, bunny, moose and all their friends.

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Written by one of the most-loved children’s book authors Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar belongs to one of the classic books for 2 year olds and very young children. The story is about a newly hatched caterpillar that eats all kinds of foods that it sees.

While eating its way through all of these foods, it gradually becomes bigger and bigger until it finally turns out into a magnificent butterfly. Considered one of the best books for 2 year olds, the story of this caterpillar has become one of the most widely-used picture books of all time for nursery pupils.

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My Truck Is Stuck!

Authored by Kevin Lewis and illustrated by Daniel Kirk remains one of the best books for two year olds because it teaches young readers about the very simple way of beeping, repairing and the ins and outs of hauling.

When a dump truck got stuck somewhere in the desert road, the driver flags down four vehicles driven by different breeds of people to help him tug and tow his truck. However, no matter how the four vehicles pull the truck in unison, the truck still won’t go. This one of the most enjoyable books for 2 year old will surely take the reader into a fun ride.

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Poems to Learn by Heart

If you want one of those baby books that can inspire, comfort or challenge not only the children but also the young adults, the Poems to Learn by Heart by Caroline Kennedy is a perfect choice. The book offers all kinds of poem that joyfully celebrates every moment of a child’s young life.

Watching a sunset, laughing with friend or strolling with a pet can be a source of great poems that can be shared forever. The poems in this book explore not only ordinary emotions of young and young at heart but also the more deep experiences shared in the family and friends.

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Press Here

Many children love reading Press Here by Herve Tullet because of the magical journey it gives to the readers. One of the top baby books for toddlers, this book is filled with surprising instructions that guide the readers into lots and lots of fun and surprises.

The basic rule of the book is quite simple and that is the reader should only press the yellow dot on every page of the book. It has become one of the best books for preschoolers because it allows the readers to maximize their power of imagination by providing who-knows-what-will-happen-next story plot.

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If you are looking for memorable books for 2 year olds, there is sure to be something from this lovable, funny, bold and charming collection.  Add one today to your library, we are sure it will become an instant family classic.

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