Best Books for 3 Year Olds

Books for 3 Year Olds: Make Your Child’s Imagination Become More Wonder-Filled

Many parents love to buy books for 3 year olds because these kinds of books are filled with stories and tales about the good values that young people should learn and possess. If you are looking for best books for 3 year olds, here are some of the carefully chosen children’s books that are great for bedtime storytelling and perfect gifts for young children as well.

Lion Who Has Never Given Up

By Eric Russell.Leo has showed how important it is to be persistent and determined in achieving something you really want. Young kids can certainly relate to Leo’s experiences.

Everyone went through childhood stage where our voices can be rarely heard. However, with continuous learning and practice, our soft and tiny voice will become stronger that will be heard by everyone.

Parents can certainly have this book for their 3 year olds who will like the idea of talking lions and colorful illustrations. The book comes with a free video version too, where the child will enjoy the story of Leo not only through reading but also through watching the story right on your computer.

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Llama Llama Time to Share

Written and illustrated by Anna Dewdney, one of the books for three year olds that have gained popularity today is the Llama Llama Time To Share. The story is about Llama who had met new neighbors. One day, one of their neighbors, Nelly Gnu, dropped by for a playdate but Llama is hesitant to share his toys to Nelly Gnu.

After playing some time, Llama realized that Nelly has Llama’s favorite toy Little Fuzzy Llama! Suddenly, Llama began to cry when Little Fuzzy Llama was ripped into two by Nelly Gnu. Mama nevertheless fixes the broken toy.

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The Invisible String

Absolutely a bestselling work and one of the best books for three year olds, The Invisible String which is written by Patrice Karst and illustrated by Geoff Stevenson, is a heartwarming story of a young twin who wonders about the invisible string made of love that connects them as told by their mother.

This book is a very simple approach to help the children understand about the common tie that binds us with all our loved ones. The Invisible String is also an uncomplicated way of teaching children how to overcome fear of loneliness knowing that we are always connected to those we love.

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Sofia the First

One of the top baby books that are out today is Sofia the First penned by a famous writer Cathy Hapka and skillfully illustrated by Grace Lee. At first, Sophia’s life is rather ordinary until her mother, Miranda, got married to a king.

Everything suddenly changes from Sofia turning into a princess and moving into a new magnificent castle. She also has a new step-brother and a stepsister. Thanks to a magical amulet, Sofia was able to talk to her new animal friends. Because of all these unexpected happenings, everything now is extraordinary for Sofia the First.

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Pat the Bunny

Written by one of the best authors that pen the best books for preschoolers, Dorothy Kunhardt and illustrated by Golden Books, Pat the Bunny is a classic touch and feel book for babies for over six decades.

This edition specially features a couple of spreads that were not included in the original edition. The interactive features of the book such as the soft fur of the bunny, the scratchy beard of daddy, the die cut of the mother’s ring and other cute and interesting elements are really a perfect for babies.

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Dragons Love Tacos

A story told by an award-winning team writing books for children, Dragons Love Tacos is an unforgettable tale of dragons that love to eat all kinds of tacos such as teeny tiny tacos, chicken tacos, big tacos and beef tacos.

The book comically suggests that if one wants to invite a bunch of dragons into a party, one should definitely prepare loads and loads of tacos. But since tacos are best served with salsa, hot salsa especially, a dragon which may accidentally eat this spicy sauce, everybody would be in great trouble.

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Truly, the world of children is filled with so much wonder. However, this world cannot be often understood by children because of their puerile understanding. One great way to help this children understand this world and at the same time sow the seeds of good values to them is through reading them books for 3 year olds. This way, children will not only have sweet dreams but grow as better people as well..

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