Best Books for 7 Year Olds

Books for 7 Year Olds: Books That Will Take Your Child to a Thrilling Adventure

Many parents think that all books for 7 year olds that are on the bookstores are all the same. In reality, some books are not that interesting for young children. But if you are looking for adventure books that will surely sweep away your child’s imagination, read on.

The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking

Astrid Lindgren, author of one of the best books for 7 year olds, The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking, first published this book in the 1950’s. But until now many young children still love the adventures of Pippi, a girl that has upside down braids. Even though Pippi doesn’t have parents to tell her what to do, many readers are fascinated by her simple wit.

Pippi’s stories now available in paperback come with full color and black and white illustrations by Michael Chesworth. In addition, the fascinating biography of Astrid Lindgren and the origin and development of Pippi’s stories makes this volume a favorite of the author’s fans.

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The Amazing Voyage

Geronimo Stilton is back with one of the best books for seven year olds, Kingdom of Fantasy 3: The Amazing Voyage. In this third installment, Geronimo returns to the kingdom of Fantasy and learned that the Fairy Queen is in danger and the kingdom is on the edge of destruction after an endless and freezing winter falls over the land.

With this situation, Geronimo begins to sail over fantastic seas and lands and discovered that he can converse with a talking ship. Additionally, Geronimo is put into a test when he realized that he can actually rescue the kingdom and restore peace and springtime if he can extinguish and threatening volcano from eruption.

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The Dragon Prophecy

The fourth installment of Geronimo Stilton’s adventure series is out now and is now one of the best loved books for 7 year old boys. The fourth book in the series accounts Geronimo’s fourth visit to the empire of fantasy.

He decided to revisit the enchanted land after knowing that Sterling, the Princess of the Silver Dragons, needs his help in finding the last dragon egg after it was stolen. Since Geronimo would not let dragons to become extinct, he decided to embark in a perilous journey to search for the egg and eventually to restore peace and prosperity to his beloved Kingdom of Fantasy.

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Bad Kitty School Daze

Nick Bruel’s Bad Kitty School Daze is definitely one of the loved books for 7 year old girls. This book tells the story about Kitty and both of her funny adventures and funnier misadventures. After Kitty and Puppy have brought chaos to the room for screaming, rolling, kicking and fighting with each other, time comes for them to go to obedience school.

Find out if Kitty will be able to follow the rules that are given at school or she will bring more chaos and commotion to the classroom. This book is a good way to start teaching little children to follow instructions.

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When a Dragon Moves In

No doubt Jodi Moore can write fun and best books for preschoolers. In her book, When a Dragon Moves In, a young boy frolicking on the beach suddenly encountered a dragon and started to befriend it.

While his Dad is busy sunbathing and his Mom is too engrossed in reading her book, the boy plays kite with his dragon, running the shore and splashing the waves. However, when the boy starts to inform his parents about his friend, they do not believe him. They think that all the boy is telling is just a product of his imagination. Is it really true that dragons exist or simply a boy’s wild imagination?

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A Perfect Time for Pandas

The New York Times bestselling author of good books for children Mary Pope Osborne is back with a thrilling adventure of Jack and Annie in the hope of saving the pandas from a giant earthquake in China. In A Perfect Time for Pandas, the brother and sister team Jack and Annie is brought to the mountains of China in their search of a specific food to feed Merlin’s much-loved penguin, Penny.

This Magic Tree House story will bring every reader into a fast paced adventure of the characters as they travel to fulfill their quest for Penny’s food and at the same time get back to the tree house if they will ever survive the earthquake and rescue the cute pandas.

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It is obvious that there are really loads and loads of books for children in your favorite bookstores. But if you want your children to experience a thrilling adventure through the books you read, look for these amazing adventure books for 7 year olds and start reading these today.

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