Best Books for 9 Year Olds

My 6 Lovely Books for 9 Year Olds

Books for 9 year olds are quite abundant in the bookstores nowadays. However, if you want to give your children a book or books that they will surely enjoy, here are some of those amazing books that will surely capture your child’s heart.

The Legend of Zelda Boxed Set

The Legend of Zelda must be one of the best books for 9 year olds since it was translated into English from its original Japanese language. Akira Himekawa’s adaptation of the popular video game series, this book is currently available to all English readers for the very first time.

One interesting thing about this book is that the words are read from the right to left like the Japanese style. The legend begins when a boy Link embarks on the journey towards Zelda, the Princess of the Hyrule. Find out how Link delivers the Emerald to the queen as he travels a long and treacherous journey.

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The Underland Chronicles Boxed Set

It is surely good news since Suzanne Collins’ The Underland Chronicles which is one of the great books for nine year olds is now available in a paperback box set. The complete Books 1 to 5 of the series are now available in a beautiful new box and cover art.

After Gregor follows his sister going down their laundry room in their apartment, he was more than surprised to see an underground city beneath their home. In that city, a brewing conflict is present between the giants and the humans. How will Gregor deal with these monsters and protect his family?

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Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

The bestselling and record breaking Harry Potter series is really one of the books for 9 year old boys and girls that have become legendary. J.K. Rowling’s fourth installment of the series, The Goblet of Fire brings the readers into Harry Potter’s coming of age.

In this saga, Harry tries to get away from the Dursleys and go to much awaited International Quidditch Cup. In this tournament, Harry was selected to combat with the other rival schools of magic. However, all Harry wants is to be a normal teenage wizard. But Harry’s uniqueness can be both deadly and extraordinary.

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The Little Prince

One of the all time most-loved books for 9 year old girls and boys is Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince. It’s translated from French by Richard Howard. The Little Prince is one of the widely read and cherished by children and adults alike.

The recent translation is actually a commemoration of the 100th birthday of the author. This book is already a classic in children’s literature. With the perfect translation of Richard Howard, a translator noted for bringing the spirit of French to the English texts, this little book will surely capture the hearts of every reader, whether young or old.

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The Mystery of the Enchanted Dog Boxed Set

The famous kids stories in the Magic Tree House series are now available in a boxed set. Mary Pope Osborne continues to captivate the hearts of young readers with her tales of adventure of Jack and Annie. In this volume, four books are included: the children’s voyage Tonight on the Titanic, their tale of Buffalo Before Breakfast, intriguing adventures in Tigers at Twilight and a dog in Dingoes at Dinnertime.

The story of the books 17 to 20 revolves around Jack and Annie’s voyages to find the four things asked by the librarian Morgan le Fay in order to free the enchanted dog Teddy from a spell. Where will these children be brought by their quests?

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Jeff Smith’s 1,300 page Bone: The Complete Cartoon Epic is now available in one deluxe volume. Many books for kids are now on sale but this collection is actually the first graphic novel for children. The story is about the three modern-day cousins who got lost in a pre-technology place.

They spent the year there trying to make friends and confronting deadly enemies. Filled with gripping adventures, sacrifices, hardships and battles against their enemies, every reader will sure enjoy the saga of these children as they discover who they really are at the end of the story.

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Wherever bookstore you may go, books for young readers are piled endlessly in one of the store’s corner. But it pays to choose the best ones that your children will surely enjoy. With all the many books for 9 year olds out there, you can be sure that the books mentioned above will be worth reading for you and your children.

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