Books for 7 Year Old Boys

List of 6 Best Books for 7 Year Old Boys


There are countless books for 7 year old boys that could be ordered online but only few are useful for the child’s developmental stage. Here are some of the books that you might consider getting for your kids.   
National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia

This book was written for kids aging from 7 to 10. At these ages, kids are full of enthusiasm in learning new things and feeding them with a dinosaur’s book is a good idea. You haven’t gone into childhood if you don’t know what T-rex’s are and other types of common dinosaurs.

This is one of the best books for 7 year old boys due to its stunning facts and illustrations. The book is well detailed with descriptions, dinosaur’s discovery, habitat, food, fun facts and many more. This amazing book was written by Don Lessem who is a well known dinosaur populariser and animal behaviorist from MIT.

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DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide

DC comic characters are well loved by children aging 7 years old and up. This book is considered one of the good books for 7 year old boys by many parents because it makes their children develop an interest to reading. This character guide has complete list of heroes from letter A to Z.

The description being displayed is compiled alphabetically so one could easily find the heroes or villains they’re looking for. This book will not only highlight famous characters like Wonder Woman, Superman and many more, it will also introduce characters who are not so well known. The book was written by the brilliant author of Dark Knight Manual named Brandon Snider.

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LEGO Batman

Best children books will not be complete without collecting Lego series. Batman is a famous and well loved character in the history of childhood. This book is a guide to a visual dictionary of a Lego Batman version. Kids will be delighted with complete and detailed exploration of the characters ranging from cunning Catwoman down to Batman’s sidekick Robin.

The batman Lego universe will be easily accessed by fanatic kids. This book was written by Daniel Lipkowitz; he is a senior writer from Lego. He spent most of his time writing stories for Lego Group. The Lego group is working on the development of other DC characters as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and many others.

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LEGO Star Wars

One of the best movies that one may have watched is Star Wars. Converting it to a Lego version will provide another form of entertainment. Kid stories in Lego versions like Star Wars will delight kids as their favorite characters are given another light like Darth Vader, Yoda, Skywalker and many others.

This book is full of illustration about amazing Star Wars galaxy and its history. The book also features a guide on how to construct a character’s mini-figure. The book was written by Simon Beecroft who is an editor of some children’s book. He has some several books published already.

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Big Book of Tractors

If your kids love to read and know more about tractors, this book will be the one stop source of information. Inside this book, it spells out all types of giant tractors being used in the farm. Additionally, it features mini ride-on mowers that one could always find in the garden.

This book is not a typical story book; it shows all details that are related to how tractors are working, how they’re made and other things. This book is very common among farm boys.  The illustrations are also great because it provides big images with respective descriptions.

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The Boxcar

This book is one of the most amazingly written children stories. Many kids will love the story of this book. The story starts with siblings who run away from their mean grandfather. They decided to leave in the forest wherein they found an abandoned boxcar.

They fixed the boxcar and are contently living with berries, bread and meat which the oldest boy takes home after his gardening job. One time, the girl becomes very sick so they have no choice but to seek assistance from an adult. This brilliant book was written by Gertrude Chandler Warner. She wrote other stories too but her best was this book.

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Books for 7 year old boys will be very helpful to nourish children’s thirst for information and creative ideas. By giving them these books, they will surely grow up with great liking to unlimited knowledge.

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