Books for 7 Year Old Girls

6 Top Books for 7 Year Old Girls


Girls are always different from boys when it comes to picking choice of books; there are interesting books for 7 year old girls that parents could get. Here is the narrowed-down list that you might consider getting for your daughter:  
Kids' Fun and Healthy Cookbook

Girls are naturally interested to food and cooking when they were still young but there is a stage wherein they are losing interest. If mothers would want to encourage their little ones with a healthy eating habit, this is one of the books for 7 year olds girls that mothers should be giving to them.

This book will help the child put back her healthy habit. She will be motivated by the bright images she could see in the cookbook. The book also tackles how the food affects girl’s body.  It contains complete recipes of classic and new type of food preparation.

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My Little Pony

This book is focusing in a place called Ponyville, home of kid’s favorite ponies named Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and many more. This adventure story for little girls will keep them reading all throughout as they accompany the little ponies discover what is causing the weirdness in Ponyville.

This is one of the best books for 7 year old girls that are available in bookstores nationwide due to its fun artwork. Its cover is nicely finished with its silky and glittery matte. Little girls would love their books to be girly so parents could consider this as an addition to their bookshelf.

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The Lemonade Club

Among the collection for little girls, this could be one of the books for 7 year old girl that will slowly melt your heart. The story is about a patient who is trying to survive a medical condition called leukemia. Traci and Marilyn were best of friends and they are on the fifth grade.

As time passes by, Traci could notice that her friend is losing weight and always out of energy. It turned out that Marilyn has leukemia. She was supported by her classmates; it gave Marilyn the strength to go on. The most memorable lesson of this book is when life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade out of it. The book was written by Patricia Polacco.

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Fairy Houses

This story is about a little girl named Kristen who built a house for the fairies in the woods. She did the fairy house when is still in a vacation together with her parents in Maine. After she built it, she would always visit the place and only to discover that some animals are leaving on it not fairies.

During her last day on her vacation, she was visited by a fairy in her dream. The fairies are glowing so bright so she needs to close her eyes; when she opened them, fairies became stunningly beautiful monarch butterflies. The book was written by an illustrator named Tracy Kane; she wrote an award winning book named Fairy Houses Series.

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Bad Kitty Boxed Set

If you are collecting best books for 7 year olds girls, it will not be complete without a feline item. Kittens are channeling the cuteness of little girls so it is almost impossible not to include this type of book in the shelf. The story of this book is about the adventures of bad kitty.

Little girls could relate into the story because they sometimes are becoming bad. In the story, there is a part wherein bad kitty doesn’t want to go to the bath. Little girls could relate to this because sometimes they won’t go to bath even when they’re told by their mothers. The book is full of humor that will surely crack up the readers. The book was written and illustrated by Nick Bruel who lives in New York with his wife.

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My Garden

This book is one of the most amazing children stories written due to its imaginative touch. In this book, the writer, Kevin Henkes was able to capture the imagination of a young girl who is imagining her own version of a botanical garden.

After she would help her mother in weeding and watering their plants, she would sit and imagine that her garden is full of eternal flowers with constantly changing colors and style. The little girl’s imagination continues with rabbits made of chocolates, seashells, giant bushes and many more. The writer of this book has already published well distinguished books for children. The author was also a novelist.

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Books for 7 year old girls will not only open the mind of your little girl, it will also hone her foundation in the basic concepts of reading. These books above will assist your daughter when it comes to basic skills that she will need when she goes to school in the future.

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